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"Lawnmower Man can help you Start       Your Own small engine Business"

Looking for additional income?

Start a money making career in the field of small engine repair!

There are more lawnmowers and small engine equipment out there than cars on the road.

Think about this; next time you drive down the road, for each road you pass imagine how far that road goes and how many roads lead off that road and where do they go, and how many houses and businesses are on these roads. Most people have a lawnmower or a piece of equipment with a small engine. All of which has to be serviced or repaired at some time.

Looking for a business not affected by the economy?
Regardless of the economy, homeowners, businesses, and lawn care professionals must have someone to service and repair their small engines.

There are not enough small engine mechanics to service and repair the amount of small engines out there today.

 Are you tired of taking orders from someone else?

Why not let this be you?

Be your own boss, set your own hours, and set your own pay scale!

 Let the Lawnmower man help you to be your own boss in small engine repair.

You will learn that once people find out that you know how to repair small engines you will be over ran with customers!


What you will learn


John Siebert AKA the Lawnmowerman Will teach you in person


* How to start a business

at your location or

help choose a business location

                                                  * How to Advertise your business

* Business cards

* Invoices

* Customer service
 * What parts you will need for the mowers sold in your area

* How to find hard to find parts

* What to charge for the repairs in you area

* Tools you will need

And how to use them

* Learn more techniques & Repairs with John

                      * If needed!  help with state licenses & permits  And a tax number

* How to get top dollar for used Lawnmowers


John Will Come to you For (3) 8 hour Day and help start your career on making money with small engines.


You must have purchased part 1 part 2 and the carburetor videos first to make sure this is what you want to learn..


You must have lawnmower or equipment on site

        ￿         Push Mowers 
￿         Self-Propelled Mowers
Riding Mowers
￿         Power Generators
￿         Log Splitters
￿         Tillers
￿         Go-karts


  • Snow Blowers
  • Push Edger's
  • Pressure Washers
  • Push Blowers
  • Shredders
  • Commercial Walk behinds
  • And more..........

You do not have to have all this equipment on site but you do need
to have some equipment To learn on.

For John to come to you this is a (one on one, not for your neighbors or friends)


Call John AKA the lawnmowerman For

 Availability &  Pricing 1866-968-3494  


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