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Lawn Mower & Small Engine Repair


If you are wondering why our videos are not in the retail stores,
the fact is they don’t want you to know how easy it is to repair your lawnmower or small engine yourself.  We have submitted the Lawnmower Man videos to several of the major retail stores that sell lawnmower and small engine equipment and our videos have received high ratings from these retail stores.  They have turned us down for fear of losing sales of their lawnmowers and small engine equipment.

Did you know lawnmower and small engine equipment is a multi billion dollar industry?  

Did you know you can tune up your lawnmower or small engine for less than $20.00 with the help of our videos? That is why the retail stores don’t want you to know how easy it is to repair your lawnmower or small engine yourself.  The retail stores don't want you to fix your own lawnmower or small engine and they don't want you to know how simple the repairs could be.  They want to sell you a new lawnmower or equipment with a small engine on it.  See the testimonials from consumers like you that have purchased our videos.  See how our videos have helped them to save time and money by learning how to do their own repairs.  We have sold to schools and the teachers use our videos to teach their shop classes.  We also sell to libraries across the country.


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