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We have many customers who come into our shops and say, “If only we knew
how to do our own repairs, we wouldn't have to bring our equipment back
to the shop”.

We created this program to help you the valued customer save time and
money by doing your own repairs.

We know what an inconvenience it is
to load your lawnmower or small engine and take it to the shop! YOU
don’t know when you'll get it back or how much it will cost you.

We at Lawnmower Man have had over 35 years of experience on lawnmower
and small engine repair and have created this program in order to share
our expertise with you. It took five years of planning and over a year
to produce these high quality videos.

Johnny J Siebert Sr. Creator of Lawnmower Man How-To-Videos

John  Siebert Jr Web Design
We would like to thank and acknowledge the following people
 and organizations for their help in producing our product:

Mr. Scott Felsen of C-Marc Productions created the
Lawnmower Man VHS tapes.

Richard Latham of Latham Interactive authored the Lawnmower Man DVDs.

Box cover design by We Creative LLC of TN. & Kim Mann of GA.

ALLIED VAUGHN, A Multi-Service Media company

Kay Bawa-Allah, Rita Flavors and Shannon Diddell are responsible for the
replicating , printing & boxing the Lawnmower Man How-to-Videos.

Lawnmower Man show vans are designed by
Larry McIntyre of IMAGEPRO Sign Company.

Lawnmower Man INC. appreciates everyone involved in the production of
Lawnmower Man How-To-Videos!

Thanks Again
Master Mechanic  
John J. Siebert Sr. (The Lawnmower Man)
Lawnmower and Small Engine Instructor


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